Real Madrid willing to take Rashford and Hazard

Real Madrid willing to take Rashford and Hazard

Real Madrid is working on their double transfer from Manchester United and from Chelsea.

Their eye is on Marcus Rashford and Eden Hazard. These players are playing dominatingly in English Premier League this season. They have played a unique part in their clubs to win in the latest matches.

These pair could cost around 200 million Euro in total. Real Madrid is facing serious issues after the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus. Their attacks are mainly depending on Benzema and Bale, but both players have not looked too much effective in this season.

After the transfer of Ronaldo, their all-time leading scorer, the Spanish giants are not looking too sharp in their last games, faced few defeats as well. Real Madrid management thus wants to sharpen their attack.

Rashford and Hazard could majorly improve the Real Madrid squad if they both come in the team.

Their contract with Manchester United and Chelsea is nearly to the end thus the purchase of those players will be great for Real indeed.