Hazard tops the list for assists in Premier League

The big chances of creating goals in the English Premier League, Eden Hazard of Chelsea is way ahead than Mohammed Salah and Ryan Fraser. Though, Ryan Fraser is at the top for assisting in this season for Bournemouth in all league matches.

The Scotland International is top in the list with 17 successful assists, Hazard comes third with 12 successful assists and Salah comes second with 13 assists in this list. Apparently, only in Premier League assists Hazard is way ahead than those two, with 10 assists under his name. The inform 24-year-old Fraser helped the fellow mates for Bournemouth 9 times, but, he became underrated behind the lights of Salah and Hazard.

Despite a transfer news of Eden Hazard in Spanish La Liga, this is a noteworthy point for the managers of Spanish clubs for wanting to pick him in their squad. In other hands, Fraser is enjoying his current season with Eddie Howe’s side and like to carry it on.

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