Juventus Bought Ronaldo for This kind of Heroics

Football Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo believes that for this kind of performances, Juventus bought him from Real Madrid. Juventus had never done it like before and he is there now to help the Old Lady to prosper in this kind of precious matches. Having 2-0 deficit in the first leg against Atletico Madrid, it was quite heroics needed for Juventus to bounce back in UEFA Champions League. Ronaldo, the 34 old year superstar showed some heroic performances yesternight to triumph over on-form Atletico Madrid, winning by 2-3 on aggregate after the second leg.

It is sure that Juventus bought the serial Championship winner player to their team as to bring the title again since 1996 their last. Ronaldo, has lifted up this belief till now and his ball netting showed a positive hope to the club. Ronaldo, stroke hat-trick again and this is the 8th time in the competition for the Juventus.

It was a special night for both teams indeed, and Atletico were a great opponent also. But, the way Ronaldo showed his exposure this night, Juventus now getting more confidence in their upcoming matches surely. They are leading the top in Serie A league also. The two fine headers and a penalty in crucial situation was Ronaldo’s fifty second hat-trick in his career. He also said that in future he will also deliver the same heroic performances for the team in this kind of cruicial matches, as it is his job and he will be happy to do it again.

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