Yuvraj is not retiring soon, as he is enjoying his cricket

Yuvraj Singh is now playing for Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League 2019 edition, and started with a good knock against Delhi Capitals. He used to play for Kings XI Punjab but they offload him in the last year. Yuvraj played a nice knock of 53 at the Wankhede but his score went in vein as Mumbai faced defeat in their first game. Yuvraj’s recent form and his retirement is a topic of discussion since quite a time.

His lack of runs in last two years not only kept aside him from International team but also no other franchisees were keen to take Yuvraj in the IPL bid except Mumbai Indians. He was taken with his base price of 1 crore by Mumbai Indians and they were the only one to bid for him. Yuvraj played exceptionally well in the past for India in all formats of the game, and those performances favours him in the present. So, an expectation is normal from his fans whether he will carry on his playing or he is going to retire from cricket. The 37 year old veteran replied on this topic that He will carry on his playing as long as he is enjoying playing cricket.

As long he is fit to deliver for his team, he will play and not thinking of retiring too soon. He scored 53 runs with 5 fours and 3 sixes which showed that he is in form and he would like to deliver again for Mumbai Indians. He also explained that last two years in IPL had some ups and downs; his IPL form was questionable indeed. Yuvi said that he spoke with Sachin regarding this matter quite often and he felt positivity from the master, thus he wants to carry his playing as long as he is enjoying his game.

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